General Cleaning

Please follow Dr. Kothuri’s instructions and use the following as general guidelines for post operative home care.

General Cleaning

For pain and discomfort you may take over-the-counter pain medication.

It is advisable to eat only soft food for the first 24hrs. and to avoid
hard or spicy foods which can cause irritation.

Drink plenty of water during the first 24hrs. at least 8 glasses are recommended.

Place cold towels or an ice bag to the outside of your face in the treated area. Apply 15 mins. on and 15 mins. off the first 4-6 hrs.

On the morning after the treatment, rinse mouth with warm salt water several times daily. (1/2 teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water)

Brush teeth gently to help remove plaque. We suggest you use a tartar control toothpaste.

Do not use floss, toothpicks or electric brushes, until the day after treatment.

Because it is very common for periodontal disease to recur, patients should have regular check-ups to monitor progress.

Please call Dr. Kothuri at (408) 524-5505 if you still have any questions or concerns.